The Road To Perseverance

By: Jaiden Spohn


Perseverance is never giving up even when the world tries to push you down. Nadja, Cain, Espen, Axel, Oscar, and Lorenzo all demonstrate perseverance. This newsletter will show readers how people who are faced with adversities attempt to over come them.

Nadja and Caine- Compare and Contrast

Nadja is a 55 year old woman who over her lifetime has dedicated herself to playing the violin. She has won competitions, won over the hearts of fans, and made a good amount of money for herself, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't had any difficulty's in life. When she was just three months old her father left, and a few years later she had to immigrate to the U.S from Rome. Years later when she was 33 Nadja injured her finger while cutting vegetables, and had to have her finger tip surgically reattached to her finger. After her finger healed she became depressed and attempted suicide when she was 34, but the gun she tried to use misfired and she survived. After that she started to learn how to over come the ADVERSITIES in her life and she got herself a record label, and ended up being one of the best musicians in this country. Caine on the other hand is a 9 year old boy who spent his whole summer making an arcade out of cardboard in his dad's auto part shop, but sadly not many people came to the shop for parts 'cause they could just buy them online. So most of the time Caine would sit in his arcade and wait for people to come to his dad's shop, and when people did come they usually just ignored him, but Caine PERSEVERED and kept going with his dad to the shop every day to try and get customers to come to his arcade. And one day he finally got a customer who was interested in all of the cardboard games that Caine had made, so he made a short film about it to try and get Caine more customers and support for his arcade, and one day his dad too him out for a few hours and when Caine got back he saw hundreds of people standings outside his his dad's shop waiting to play games in his arcade. He spent the whole day in his arcade dealing with customers and feeling TRIUMPH over the best day of his life, and this was all because he never gave up on his dream. These two amazing people found different ways to face ADVERSITIES in life and over came them in there own ways and managed to succeed in life.
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Espen- Description

Espen from "Shadow on the Mountain" has faced and over come many ADVERSITIES in his life. One of them being when he managed to escape Norway and get to Sweden on skies when he was being pursued by Nazi solders. This all started when the Germans invaded Norway and started to take over. Espen didn't like this and joined the resistance, not only for him self, but for his family. With the Nazis in Norway there was an INADEQUATE amount of food for people, and what little they had was usually taken from them to feed the Nazis. But being in the resistance meant that Espen had access to food, and extra ration cards for his family. At first he was just delivering illegal newspapers and letters to people, but that soon turned into getting illegal radios fixed in the middle of town and seeking into a concentration camp to find out where there communications center was, but then things started to get bad Axle one of Espen's old soccer teammates saw him, and went to his house searched in and chocked his little sister to try to find out where Espen was, and things just kept getting worse. Espen had to start sleeping at his girlfriends house and soon had to flee the country to Sweden on skies. He needed four guides for this long and painful journey, in which he endured sleepless nights, harsh weather, and being chased and shot by two Nazi solders, but he VENTURED on and finally TRIUMPHED and made his way to Sweden, and his new life.

Axle- Cause and Effect

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Oscar- Sequence

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Lorenzo- Problem/Solution

Lorenzo has faced many advertises in his life and with much RESILIENCE he has over come them, he may have FALTERED a little, but he still over came them. However this one adversity was quite hard for him to over come just because of the stress and embarrassment it could cause him. Just hours before the ROV competition there robot, Stinky, got a leak and fried the system. They all quickly rushed up to there hotel room and started to think of ideas on how to fix it, when finally Lorenzo suggested using tampons to suck up the water and to keep it from frying their system again. All of them thought that it was a good idea, but someone had to get the tampons from the store. So they all looked at Lorenzo and decided that he was the one who had to get them. So Lorenzo went to the store and feeling a little OVERWHELMED by the whole situation he asked a nice looking woman to help him pick out a box of ultra absorbent tampons, he then payed for them and went back to the hotel room. And sure enough when they tried them to see if they'd help stop the leak the boys found out that they would. After that and the wires we're fixed they were able to go on to win the competition, all because Lorenzo was able to fix the problem.