The Ceremony of 12!

The most important day of the year!

The exquisite ceremony will begin!

This ceremony will be held for the children of turing the Age of 12! At this ceremony the babies will get their new parents and the ages of 1-11 will get their new abilities for their lives. The most important part is that the children of age 12 will get their jobs for the rest of their lives! It will be a moment to remember for the rest of your lives, so make sure you don't miss it!

The Ceremony of 12

Tuesday, Dec. 1st 2567 at 2-8pm

The Community

2:00-3:15- This will be the time of giving the babies their new parents

3:15-5:15- This will be the time of giving all of the children from ages 1-11 their new abilities kids.

5:15-6:00- This is the time of dinner and is where everyone will eat.

6:00-8:00- This is the most important time and is when the children of 12 will now be given their life-long jobs.

What the ages of 1-11 get to do.

Age 1: Name and family.

Age 3: The females get hair ribbons.

Age 4: they get a back buttoned jacket.

Age 7: They get a front-buttoned jacket.

Age 8: Begin volunteer hours.

Age 9: They will get a bicycle.

Age 10: They will get an adult haircut.

Age 11: They will get adult clothing.