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Sea fishing on the other side of the body of his friend Appu time kuntatipattuDied Bank assigns his body. Mother is crying crying watching it come down to Dhanush, rowdy girl is saying that we've heard. Dhanush will be followed by Parvati 's home, beat the goon force.

Soon, the family has to give back the money given to the interest goon to kill the father of Parvati goes mirattivittu. Dhanush to do the thinking, to go abroad to earn mariyaan songs decides to pay off the loan. 2 -year contract, which goes to Africa. 2 -year contract with 1 year's salary in advance and the payment of the debt, shut Parvati 's father, mariyaan songs travels to Africa.

At the time of departure to the place where Dhanush mariyaan songs friends and colleagues kidnapped a mob to extort money goes away. The company is asking for money to hold them hostage mariyaan songs by the gang. African tiviravatiyakave However, the hero 's hand and he was struck by the thought that to die is the same as the canon of the Tamil film director Bharat

Bala ! As the villains of our own advice when his atiyalaiye pottuttal the appirikkaran, ' Oh sinner... Niyumata this ? ' Appears to be. Is it okay to mariyaan songs let go... Dhanush's hair is trapped radicals in subsequent scenes, with a lot less likely. Iyakkunars not look at all this help ! The gripping screenplay to the Sea Raja.. ', ' nence soar... ' lyrics are beating the other brake.

That was two years Dhanush just being in town, the last time that Parvati tries to rape her ' local ' villain thinks laughter cirippa ' mariyaan songs is offered. Tirumpinara Dhanush escapes from his hometown ? Parvati pitittara hand ? Mitikkatai that.

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Dhanush fisherman is not acting in the film, is living. He is mired in deep-sea fishing scene mayirkucceriya puts suppressed breath. South Africa mariyaan songs to escape from the mafia, ridden desert scene alavaikkirar us. Throughout the movie, has revealed his performances impossible.

Actress Parvati mekkappe if not the whole picture is very beautiful. Patalkuta sung in the mariyaan songs film. The role of fisher girl panimalar valid and suits. Emphasis on revealing her love to Dhanush. Appu will be friends, Iman annacci, South Africa will be a friend Jehan, who was the mother of Uma riyaskan Dhanush in the film, even though some time, due to their role in the performance expressed effectively.

Paratpala director of the film is an entertaining film, but shot like a documentary film. Actively moved the first half, the second half of the film moves slowly. The director may have focused more on the mariyaan songs script. A. R. Rahman music, the rhythms of the songs hold up. ' What if a little ' just like a sweet song to listen to. Has demonstrated its ability to playback music.

A fishing village in the Kanyakumari District Treasurer Mark mariyaan songs camera and deserts of South Africa and as we entered it made ​​sense. Marianne fisherman village in Kanyakumari District of the gutter enpan valkkaiyumtan story of the passionate love that.

Marianne would not object if the death. Go alkatalukkul with a kuttittiyai Kingfisher Marine etuttuvarupavan. Ulaivai the risky business of being alive, his mother, Maria went to a mariyaan songs different country on the pilaittukkol kulivelaiya says.

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