Strange Mathematical Symbols

World's Strangest Symbols REVEALED.....

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1. Omega

In number theory, Omega is the number of prime divisors of n. To find prime divisors you make a chart and divide n by a number and draw two lines leading to the dividend and quotient. Keep going until you have done as much of prime factorisation.

2. Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio or Golden Section is used in geometry, art, architecture etc. To find the golden ratio of a line, simply divide it into TWO pieces so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is the same as the whole length divided by the longer part.


Proportional To is when two quantities always have the same size in relation to each other. You can use ratio to find the difference. For example, when a metre of wood weighs 2kg and 2 metres of wood weighs 4kg. The ratio is 1:2. 1m=2kg 2m=4kg 3m=6kg ....


Delta is the change in two or more constants or variable terms. For example
X-Y=Delta (Z) , Z is the difference of X and Y.

Which symbol is the most relevant?

I think the most relevant symbol is the 'Proportional To' symbol because I understand how it works. In future I wish to work in medical field and I might use this symbol for measuring chemicals etc.

Which symbol is the least relevant?

I think the least relevant symbol is the 'Golden Ratio' symbol because before I even searched for it, I didn't know that it existed and I found it uninteresting and something that I would not use at this stage. Even if I do like architecture, I am not particularly fond of the subject of geometry and I don't want a career related to art.

Which symbol is my favourite?

My favourite symbol is the 'Omega' symbol not because it is the strangest but it is the most interesting. I enjoyed looking it up and tried to know more about its uses.

Which symbol is the strangest?

I think the most strangest of all symbols is the 'Omega' symbol because it looks like many things depending on how you look at it. These are the pictures that I can see in the symbol:
A horseshoe
An open 'O'
The top part of a person's body [head to shoulders (without a face or hair)]
A part of a fish

I think it is very strange to see four or more things in one symbol which are not even related to the symbol.