Fantastic Forest

by Nathan Brown

There are 3 major geographical areas in the world's biomes. First of all, there is a rainforest in Central America in the Amazon Basin. Next, in the African Zaire Basin, with a small area in West Araca also in eastern Madigasgar. In Malaysia, west coast of India, Assam Southeast Asia, and Queens land Australia(Blue Planet Biomes). It is very hot and wet, and it gets about 250 cm of rain fall per year!!(Blue Planet Biomes) The 4 layers of the rain forest are:the emergent tree, uppercanopy, understory, and the forest floor. (Blue Planet Biomes)Like always, there are LOTS of animals adapting to survive. The indian cobra spits venom into enemy's eyes,causing pain. The "flying dragon" has skin flaps that allow it to glide from tree to tree and get away from enemies.(Blue Planet Biomes) The vine snake disguises itself as a vine and strikes at its prey.(Blue Planet Biomes) The rain forest is a VERY unique biome. The tropical rain forest produces 40% of EARTH'S OXYGEN!!!!!!!!!!!(Blue Panet Biomes)