New Route To Asia Found

Ferdinand Magellan sails west and reaches Asia from Spain

Ferdinand Magellan's life

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in spring 1480. His parents died when he was 10. Since his education had to continue, he became the queen's messenger in the royal court. He learned about the sea and soon he wanted to sail. He also heard about Christopher Columbus finding the new world. The king of Portugal (Manuel 1) told him he couldn't take the trip, so he went to Spain and asked there king to send him on his journey, and he said yes. He set sail on August 15th, 1519. He landed in Brazil and he traded with indians for fruit and and fresh meat. After another ten months of sailing he finally found the strait and named it the All Saints Channel which we now call the strait of Magellan. He called it the All Saints Channel because his ships sailed through it on November 1 (All Saints Day). He finally reached a body of water that he had never seen before. He called it the Pacific Ocean because the ocean was not ruff at all. He sailed on the Pacific for a long time and on March 16, 1521, he landed in the Philippines and met many friendly indians. After that he sailed to the island of Mactan 1,500 indians attacked and he was stabbed many times and died. Only one of his ships made it back but the brought the spices and silk from Asia. They also brought back gold and giant pearls. He was the first to reach Asia from Spain sailing west.