MURICA industrial revolution

Zac Cheney

The american industrial revelution

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Andrew Carnegie

Who: Founder and CEO of Carnegie steel company

What: founder of Carnegie steel company and helped build the railroad and keystone bridge

Where: born Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland UK and died in Lenox Massachusetts US

When: 1835 to 1915 played a huge part in the industrial revolution

Why: Because he founded one of the biggest steel companies in history and helped make the railroad keystone bridge and many other buildings

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Alexander graham bell

Who: Alexander graham bell inventor and scientist

What: Best known for inventing the telephone

When: Born in Edinburgh Scotland uk on March 3 1847 and died on august 2 1922 in Benin breigh nova scotia

Where: Uk and Canada

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Sweat shops

What: Shops where conditions were poor and workers had little or no pay

Where: big city's and factories

Why: because immigrants needed jobs and there were not many available so they worked at sweatshops

When: during the Industrial Age when there was a lot of immigrants coming to the state

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Chinese laborers

What: Chinese immigrants that went to work for the railroad

When: The 19th century During the gilded age

Why: Because the Chinese immigrants needed jobs and so they worked for the railroad