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March 30 - April 3, 2020

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From the Principal's Desk

Dear DiPietro Families,

As we begin another week of "remote learning" I would like to share some updates, as well as resources, with you. Before doing that I would like to ask a favor of you. Please let you children know I say hello and dearly miss them.

We realize that you are juggling a lot right now and our goal is to support you. We're here...reach out should you be having any difficulties. Like many of you, we are working from home while managing/supporting our children. We understand! Take care.

-Mrs. Friedman


Remote Learning: As Mr. Marano stated in his email, the hope is to return to school on May 4th, per the governor. In the meantime we have created an updated Remote Learning Plan. This week teachers will be reaching out to you to get you, and your child, set up with our chosen learning platforms and the programs we will be using. Kindergarten - 2nd grade will be using Seesaw and 3rd grade will be using Google Classroom. The teachers will be using this week to set you up as well as post some fun activities to get everyone started with the platform. Please be patient as many of us have not used these platforms below and and working hard to learn them.

Technology: Since our updated Remote Learning Plan (explained below) is strongly dependent on technology, please email me at should you not have a device, or your device cannot support our programs. We are very limited so will need to ask families to share if you are in need of our technology. We will do our best to support you.

Online Learning Resources: Teachers will be requesting that you log into the programs below this week. Please do so as all of this will be needed the week of April 6th. Your child is certainly welcome to interact with these resources this week as well.

Grade K: Lalilo

Grades 1 and 2: i-Ready (Reading), i-Ready (math), Lalilo

Grade 3: i-Ready (Reading) and i-Ready (math); Some Lalilo


From Miss Higgins: Please read this letter.

The BPS Remote Learning Resources Page: There are several helpful resources as well as information on how to use Seesaw and Google Classroom on this page. See the upper right corner for links on the BPS Remote Learning Resources Page.

Meal Support: Please see this letter from the Nutrition Department for updates...days to pick up meals have changed. Here is an important section from Mrs. Bell's letter:

"We also encourage you to apply for free and reduced meals if your situation has changed as you can apply at any time during the school year. You can visit our District website School Nutrition page which provides instructions or click on this link for the application and bring to our meal pick up location during operating hours."

Counseling Support: Please email Mrs. Borr at,, should your child need to speak with her.

About this week and some more....

Happenings for this week:


  • 5:00 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Join Mrs. Friedman and Mrs. Borr for a conversation. We will be hosting a Zoom conversation. More information to come.

Every Night

  • 7:30 pm - Join Mrs. Cavossa for an evening/bedtime story. Like our DiPietro Paws Page to join in the fun.

Notes from......


Mrs. Barros

Nature and music, separate or together, can increase a positive mood and create a sense of balance when life gets challenging. One's mind, body, and spirit as a whole is a vital aspect of mental health that also needs our attention and healing through self care including ways to treat anxiety, stress, fear, and depression in a healthy manner.

Art, through mindful coloring listening to soft relaxing music, is also a positive activity to calm the mind and body.

(free downloadable coloring sheets) (Video with Nature sounds) (Video with Nature sounds) (My favorite! ...virtual nature experience with soft music)

Kids Yoga (part of the mind, body, spirit) health education to families.

Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Thomas

Hello from Mrs. Tucker, the Math Specialist and Mrs. Thomas the Reading Specialist at DiPietro!

We are here to support you while at home with your student or students in any way that we can. We will be consistently available and online Monday through Friday from 9:30 - 11:30 to answer emails, take phone calls and help you through this time. If you need a time outside this range we can work together to find one. We can help with instruction, resources and navigating online platforms such as i-Ready. In addition, we will be sending out ideas and opportunities for practicing Reading and Math in engaging ways - so keep an eye out! In the meantime, please check out the links below with some initial information on how to support your student or students.

Click HERE for Math Resources (All Grades)

Click HERE for Reading Resources (Kindergarten)

Click HERE for Reading Resources (Grades 1-3)

Find us at:



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