Is the Auburn Dam a good idea?

Local controversy turned into state wide panic.

The Controversy Behind It

When the Auburn Dam was first even thought of in the 1950s, it was first proposed as being $65 million. Now it's over $200 billion. Not only the cost of the dam, but the cost of the lives of the animals and loss of the historic and recreation sites make the cost priceless.

Pros vs. Cons

Pros think that the dam being built will outweigh the cost of the loss

People who think that the dam should be built believe that the benefits of the dam outweigh the loss of everything. The historic sites and loss of recreational sites put the cost of everything at priceless. Historic sites, such as old caverns with prehistoric fossils inside and an old historic railroad bridge, will be lost forever, buried under a watery grave.

Cons fight for the fact that we will lose more than we gain

Some people fight for the fact that we will lose more resources, recreational sites, and historic sites when we build the dam. The loss of these areas and resources will greatly outweigh the benefits of building the dam. Flood control is good to have but so is recreational sites (for hunting and white water rafting). Climate will change as well due to the fact that increased water means more fog in the winter and more humidity in the summer, causing the Auburn area to become more moist and heavily influenced by the dams water reservoir.

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"No on Auburn Dam" by Draco Zombus