How Is The Identity Of Canadians Influenced By The Land And By Historical Events?

The identity is influenced by the land and historical events by how the First Nations got to Canada first, they made cultures so that they can be closer to the ones they love and take care of the ones needed, with ceremonies like getting the feathers on your head to the ones with leadership, and then they'd smoke a herb.

Europeans came long after, wanting peace and to share the land with the First Nations, so they could get stuff bought and sold. So The Europeans and First Nations made a treaty that is still here today, but the needs are not yet quite met. Like how the health care needs have a conflict how they are met, and not met. Nothing can be perfect but the treaties said that health care is promised.

What forms Canada is the people an the land, how people dress, speak, act, what their culture is, what they know, how they are, how they treat others makes Canada what it is today.

Like me for example; I'm stubborn but creative, I love animals and I do my job, I dress in dark colours usually in sweaters and I always wear tights. I form Canada in some ways as the rest of the people in Canada do. We work for money, pay for what needs to be paid like taxes for our heath care and other stuff or go to school.

We are lucky to be treaty people, to share this land and what it brings and gives to us, to have friends, family and people who care. If the treaty wasn't here, we Europeans, metis, wouldn't be here with the stuff we have today.

My understanding of the Treaty :

The Europeans came out of nowhere, but they wanted peace, as well did the First Nations.

They didn't speak the same language so there was a barrier that they couldn't cross. Which makes the question; how did they make the treaty? Did the Europeans try to act out what they were saying, did the First Nations? What ever they tried to do made this amazing treaty, that made peace between us both, and a few promises. Which means the Europeans can be on the land because the First Nations agreed to share the land. If the Europeans agreed to give health care to them,the medicine table. The sad part about this is that some people don't agree to the treaty because what happened with residential schools, which was the most hugest mistake anyone ever could've made, a tragedy at most. Some of the First Nations feel they can't trust anyone, the residential school made people go into a down road, drugs, alcohol, abuse, anything that's horrible you can possibly think of. It made some of the First Nations have the worst lives and pass it on their kinds, because of these residential schools. Gladly the residential schools are gone, but the way they were treated is not, the passed it on to their kids, which then can make their kids pass it on to their kids, the influence keeps going on and on. But hopefully this rage will be gone and everyone will be happy once more.

By: Eve