Water Cycle

By: Devinity Keller

Radiation: For radiation it does it need any help with another contact between the heat and source.
convection: Occurs when warmer area of gas or liquid rise into cooler air
  1. conduction: occurs when two objects are at different temperatures.
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evaporation: Is How the water gets picked up of the earth and water evaporates mostly in big body of water. It goes up in the earth atmosphere and the vapor of the water condenses and turns into clouds.

Ex: Oceans,Rivers, and Lakes

precipitation: Is how the water comes back to earth and it has different forms.

Ex: Rain,Sleet,Hail,and Snow

runoff: Runoff is adding water that went in another path.

Ex: Rivers and Lakes

condensation: is when water vapor in the air changes into a liquid.

It job is to help format the clouds in the air.

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Hydrosphere: Is where the water is on earth.

Geosphere: Is like the runoff how it finds a different way and goes from under ground.

Atmosphere: When water evaporates it turns into liquid water into water vapor in the atmosphere.

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