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New Nail Wrap!

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your New Improved Jamberry Nail Sample! I sent out samples to my previous customers to give them the opportunity to try the New Jamberry Nails Wrap! It is Thinner with a Stronger Adhesive on a Clear backing for a Fast, Easy Application!

I hope you had a chance to try it! Once you try your sample, I would love to hear your feedback! Please send me an email at robynnailshields@gmail.com.

Jamberry News!!

Nail Club: I am starting a Monthly Nail Club! Join the Nail Club for FREE! I am looking for 10 ladies to join the Monthly Nail Club! You will have beautiful nails all month long!

Plus get Hostess Rewards, Discounted Items, Exclusive Items and More!

Click on this link for more information: *https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHFYZm0wV2thRG4zWHVhTGdyd1h1eGc6MQ

Host: your own Jamberry Nails Party! Start a Free Online/Facebook Party!

Earn all of your Jamberry Nails for FREE and at a Discount!

*Get a Free Jamberry Manicure or Pedicure from me when you set up your party!

Click on this link for more info: http://robynpaulson.jamberrynails.net/host/Schedule.aspx

Buy: Currently Jamberry Nails are Buy 3 Get 1 Free! www.robynpaulson.jamberrynails.net

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Thank You!

Robyn Paulson Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant

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