Voyager Family News

Silver Strand Elementary School January 7, 2019

Spotlights and Reminders

  • Happy New Year, Voyager Families! Please come to our evening PTO meeting this week on Thursday at 6 PM at THE CORONADO CAYS CLUBHOUSE (Corner of Mardi Gras and Tunapuna in the Cays). In addition to other PTO business, including advance planning for Luau, Ms. Moore will introduce a "2019 Family Action Plan" template--an alternative to making New Years resolutions.
  • Rady Children's Hospital will be conducting its annual hearing and vision testing on Tuesday, January 8th starting with kindergarteners and ending with 5th grade. In 1st grade, only boys will be tested for color vision; 3rd and 4th graders will not be tested. Parents who would like to opt their child(ren) out of testing may email our Health Technician, Frankie Guillen, at

  • It's 2nd Grade Bring Your Parent to Lunch Day on Friday, January 11! Family members, please check in at the office before 11:45 to join your student in our lunch area (recess not included :))

  • Our first Silver Strand Site Council Meeting will be on Wednesday, January 23 from 3-4 PM and we need to elect one new parent representative to serve a two-year term. If you are interested in joining the ballot, please send a 200-word (or less) biography to Jenny Moore at Meetings will be approximately every six weeks this spring and quarterly next year. Members include four teachers, one classified staff member, three parents (current parent members serving a second year are Leslie Broussard and Sarah Jackson), and the principal (non-voting member). Meetings are open to all shareholders for observation and discussion.

  • We love the home-crafted SNOW CREATURES decorating our library and would love for them to remain through January! We will remind students to pick them up at the end of the month!

  • Thank you to SO MANY Voyager community members and our supportive families for their attendance at our Holiday Concert! We are proud of all of our students' performances and the progress of our Band and Choir. View the performances online here:

  • Buy your Silver Strand Yearbook for $20 here:
  • This week’s theme is GOALS: It’s a new year, but the same school year! How can we improve on what we’ve already started? What goals do we have for the remainder of this year?

Silver Strand Safety and Security Support from Karen Pierro

Driving by the School Bus: Awareness

We appreciate our Strand parents who drive slowly and carefully near our schools, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas. Thank you for that! However, with recent reports in the news, several people have asked about the rules of passing (or not passing) our school buses when they are stopped with lights flashing/arm down. Below is California driver information for when to pass vs. when not to pass a school bus: California Vehicle Code 22454a prohibits a driver from passing a school bus when:

  • The bus is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading any school children and the bus displays flashing red lights and/or a stop signal arm. A “stop signal arm” is defined as a device that is extended outward from the side of a school bus to provide a signal to other motorists not to pass the bus because it has stopped to load or unload passengers.

  • Drivers must remain stopped until the flashing red signals and/or stop signal arm are no longer displayed.

  • If you fail to stop, you may be fined up to $1,000 and your driving privilege could be suspended for 1 year.

The above vehicle code applies to both motorists following a school bus and drivers approaching a school bus from the opposite direction on a two-lane road (such as Leyte/out front of our school).

If the school bus is on the other side of a divided or multilane highway (two or more lanes in each direction), you do not need to stop (example, Palm Ave).

Student Council News

  • We look forward to more exciting events from Student Council in 2019!

PTO Updates

  • Thank you, PTO for supporting the annual Holiday Shop! Our students had so much fun shopping for their loved ones.
  • Next regular PTO meeting is Thursday, January 10 at 6 PM at the Coronado Cays Clubhouse, corner of Mardi Gras and Tunapuna Lane!

Voyager Yearbook

Thank you to our parent volunteers who put our yearbook together!

Calendar of Upcoming School Events


MON 1/7

TUES 1/8 Hearing and Vision Screening

WED 1/9

THUR 1/10 6 PM: PTO Meeting

FRI 1/11 Friday Flagpole



MON 1/14

TUES 1/15 5 PM: SSES CSF Board Presentation at District Office

WED 1/16

THUR 1/17 1:10 PM Disaster Drill with Evacuation

FRI 1/18 No School for Students/Teacher Workday

MON 1/21 NO SCHOOL for Dr. MLK, Jr. Day


January 23: School Site Council Meeting

January 31: Late-Start Thursday

Coronado School Foundation Events and Updates

Did you know that the Coronado Schools Foundation supports the Silver Strand Band, Choir, Science Lab, Visual and Performing Arts Programs, Technology Resource Teacher, Library, and academic support teachers? CSF brings STEAM to Silver Strand Elementary!

Are you amazingly talented and just waiting for your big break? Audition for Coronado’s Got Talent, presented by Alan Kinzel Realty Group and Donna Salof. All type of acts are eligible! Live auditions are January 12 & 13, or email a video of your performance to The live show is February 23 at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. All proceeds from ticket sales benefit Coronado Schools Foundation

Support our programs through donations to CSF here:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Thursday, March 14, 4:30-9PM: CSF Telethon

Coronado SAFE Events and Activities

Coronado SAFE supports healthy families and children through workshops/"coffee talks," school programs, speakers, and counseling.

See for upcoming events.

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