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First week of December!

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser-Teacher Reading Schedule

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Zooming Into Social Studies

By Margo, Ainsley, and Leo

We're zooming into Social Studies this week. The first thing we are wanting to talk about is our contents and place we live. We did flip books. Flip books are something that you use to know your continent, and your geography. Like where you live, your street name, and your planet! We made them so we could practice for our big social studies test that is next week.

The next thing we want to talk about is our study guide. We did it because we are getting a test next week. It had questions about our states, planet, borders, and other things like that. The study guide is helping us get ready for our real test. Some of the questions were hard and some were easy. We learned some of the things a while ago.

The other thing we did was finished our Me On The Map packet. They are also a tool for our big test. Social studies has been a big blast into space. We all had so much fun we can't wait to blast off to another galaxy!

Study Materials for Social Studies Test

-Study Guide

-Me On The Map Packet

-Where In The World Flip Book

Please keep handy until our test next week!

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Spotlight Student

Making our Barnes & Noble Drink Poster!

Students worked so well together to create our Masterpiece!

We were chosen to represent the third grade classes at Barnes and Noble!

Reading & Grammar

By Cleo & Jason


Listen up!

First we woul dlike ot tlel ou about text and graphic features. Text and graphic features are things that help you understand more about a topic. For example, illustrations and photographs give you a picture of what something looks like. There are many different kinds that can help you. Not all books have text and graphic features. But non fiction texts have usually have a least one.

Speaking of text and graphic features, we made Pic Collages to do a scavenger hunt. We got this super cool bookmark that gave us the text and graphic features so we could remember. We used an app and took pictures of each example that was in our book for our Guided Reading groups. We really loved doing our pic collages!

In Grammar we learned about past, present, and future verbs. Guess what! THEY'RE ALL VERBS! A Verb in the past is a verb that already happened. A present verb is a verb that is happening RIGHT NOW! And a future verb is a verb that is going to happen in a little bit. Past verbs usually end in -ed. If it is in present it sometimes ends in an s. And last but not least a future verb has a will in front of it. We had fun this week in reading and grammar. We hope you enjoyed reading!

Holiday Shop

By Elise & Matthew

Do you like to shop? Well 3S went to the holiday shop we and we will tell you about it!

If you had money you could buy stuff and get anything. For example you could get a coffee cup for your dad.. And we bought for our family and everyone in it.We got money from our parents to spend. Sometimes you could get stuff for yourself but we needed to buy for everyone on our list. It was on the stage.

Writing Workshop!

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By Bella & Daniel

In writing this week we started thinking about something we were experts on. It is called Information Writing! We started by writing a flash draft. It is a quick draft on what you know about your topic. For example, Daniel's topic is cooking so he wrote about what knew about cooking. Another thing we did was created a table of contents. The reader should know your subtopics.

We also made topic hands so we could tell about each finger and we wrote sub topics. The last thing is that we taught our small groups. The groups were fun but it was hard to explain. We are excited to write more about our topics!

Experts in Action!

Experts Teaching
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By Enya & Courtney

Do you like math? Well we will tell you about what we did this week!

First, we learned extension facts with high numbers. This is how you do it. First, you look for the regular fact then added zeroes. Here's an example: 3,000 x 40 = 120,000

But if the basic product has a zero, you don't count that zero. For example, 500 + 1,000 = 500,000.

We also learned the nines trick for multiplying. This is how we do it. So if you have 9x7=? you first hold up both of your hands and make sure to start at the left. Make your way over to the right and you put down your seventh finger. Then you see how man fingers there are on the left and on the right. If there are 6 fingers on your left and 3 on the right, then you answer is 63.

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