How the environment effects grades

Apurva Bachal


Does the environment one studies in effect the quality of his/her grades?


High school students will score higher grades studying independently.

Type of Investigation

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Had to use friends data because of qualitative data; SEM, mean range, etc, N/A


Most of the students who achieved A's were at home in his/her room. The students who studied at the public library had 2 A's and 4 A's and B's. The students who studied at home in his/her room had 6 A's and 9 A's and B's. On the other hand, a student who studied at the library had more people who scored B's, C's and D's.


Students tend to make better grades if the study environment is most often at home in his/her room, so the hypothesis was supported. 9 students who studied most often at home in his/her room, while only 6 students who studied in the public library made A's most often. Also, 2 students who studied often at the public library made B's, while only 1 student who studied at home made B's. The reasoning behind this is most likely the extreme quiet and lack of distractions in someones room helps students focus. Although the public library is also a very quiet environment, there will always be various distractions such as seeing friends, loud children, etc.

Sources of Error

The main source of error was the location of the survey. Because there was a biased point of view when the survey was taken at the public library, etc, there could've been a skew in the data.


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