The Holocaust

By Khaled Chams

The Holocaust

What was the Holocaust

* The Holocaust was the persecution of the Jewish population.

* Nearly two out of every three European Jews were killed.

* The program to kill all of the Jews was the Final solution.

* 80% of European Jews were killed.

* Other groups of people besides the Jews were victims of the Holocaust and they were physically or mentally disabled people.

* About 9 million Jews were killed and 200,000 mentally or physically disabled patients, mainly Germans, living in institutional settings, were murdered in the so-called Euthanasia program.

When did the Holocaust start and end

* The Holocaust started around January 30, 1933 - when Adolf Hitler was picked to be the Chancellor of Germany to - May 8, 1945, when there was a war that ended in Europe.

Who was involved in the Holocaust?
* The Groups or people who were involved in the Holocaust were the Jews and Nazis.

Where did the Holocaust take place?
* It took place in many countries that the Nazis invaded and especially in Germany.

Why did the holocaust happen?

* This happened because as Hitler says the Germans and Aryans race are superior and the Jewish are inferior. Hatred was the reason they didn't like the Jews and the Jews weren't better then the Nazis.

How did the Nazis do it?
*The Jews would be shipped by Nazis to places like concentration camps by transport such as Vans, trains and more. Red camps, death camps, and work camps were one of three different kinds of concentration camps.

* At the work camps they were treated cruelly and the Jews had to labour for the group of Nazis.

* The Jews will be medically attended by the Red cross which Nazis said that they were allowed to go to which are the Red cross camps

* Death camps was the place where many Jews suffered and died. They were locked up into Gas chambers without any clothes and they would be gassed or killed. Fortunately, the death camps were the place that most Jews was forced to go to.
* The Jewish people were killed in many ways possible. Their diseased bodies were handy to them as they used them for a range of items such as lamp shades, soap and hair used for farms. They were killed by working to death, Gas camps and torture. Apparently the nasty Germans or Nazis would have a vault found with 384 pounds of gold teeth which were the gold teeth of Jews or other groups once they were gassed.

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Thursday, March 30th 1933 at 12am to Tuesday, May 8th 1945 at 2am

Germany and other countries invaded by the Nazis

This is when the Holocaust took place and ended
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