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Weight Loss 101 e-Course

Hello everyone, my name is Jacquelyn Hollister and I will be your instructor for the Her Mind & Body Weight Loss 101 e-course. I am a certified Health Coach who specializes in weight loss, and I help women lose weight by helping them to improve their eating habits, optimize their weight loss efforts during exercise, and reduce stress in their lives. You will have made a wise choice in signing up for this course because rather than surfing the net for tidbits on how to lose weight, you will be signing up for a course that will provide you with the most basic, and most complete information that you will need to achieve the weight loss that you desire. As you will soon discover, weight loss is more than just diet and exercise, so get ready!

Upon registering you will receive a free copy of the Her Mind & Body Weight Loss Planner


*Please check with your doctor before significantly changing your diet or starting a new exercise regimen.