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Starting After School Computer Clubs

Why Should You Start a Computer Science Club or Offer a Computer Science Class?

Computer occupations are the NUMBER 1 SOURCE OF ALL NEW WAGES IN THE US.

Current TN Stats

  • There are currently 6,389 open computing jobs in TN. (4.4x the state average demand rate)
  • No dedicated state funding for CS
  • Does not require all high schools to offer CS
  • No K-12 CS curriculum standards
  • The average salary for a computing occupation in TN is $75,784 (avg. state $42,350)
  • 93% of parents want their child's school to teach computer science, but only 40% of schools teach it.
  • Students who learn computer science in high school are 6 times more likely to major in it, and women are 10 times more likely.

Data from code.org

SciGirls Code Program

Step 1: Develop Goals and Generate Interest

Overall Goal: Spark and strengthen girls' interest, skills, and confidence as technology creators.

Ideas for generating interest:

  • Set up a table at open house to share information with parents
  • Meet with classes and do a hands on activity with them to show them how fun it can be.
  • Get classroom teachers on board to help promote the program.
  • Advertise on website and social media (Twitter can be your best friend)
  • Offer incentives (field trip opportunities, tshirt, etc)
  • Send flyers home

SciGirls Seven

7. Bring in Role Models and Mentors

One successful part of our program was to bring in outside guests. Whether that was teachers from inside the school to have the girls demo their creations and get feedback or it was women in the computer science field who was able to skype with us. We also used Flipgrid to communicate and collaborate with women who work in the computer science field. We asked them questions and they gave us feedback on projects we were working on. The girls also got to visit the local college and meet with young women who are going to college for computer science and were able to see projects they were working on. These experiences and relationships help bring relevancy and real world connections to the projects they were completing during the program.

Mentor Flipgrid

Today's Activities

Unplugged Coding Activities

Computer Science Curriculum