Truck Driver

Joel Nicasio period 7/8

Career details

* Have to make many decisions

* salary depends on $25 dollars an hour.

* The more Experience driving the more the wage

* could work with in state or trough out the united states

* salary of $45000 to $80000

Education needed

A commercial driver's license (CDL) is required to drive large trucks and a regular driver's license is required to drive all other trucks. Training for the CDL is offered by many private and public vocational-technical schools. Many jobs driving smaller trucks require only brief on-the-job training.

Skills requiered

Truck drivers are requiered to work on weird schedueles. Driver should have 1 to 2 years of operating an 18 wheeler. Also the driver must understand maps ,sing and the public safety, and also knowing how to load and unload your truck. and keeping records of what you deliver and your locations.

Job outlook/Growth

There is many positions you can apply for when applying to be a truck driver. And a good chance of getting a job as a driver