Professional Wrestling

How can Professional Wrestling change young people's lives?

Why do children and young people like Professional Wrestling and if they don't like it why?

I have ask children and young people around our community if they like professional wrestling. A lot of there responses are "Yes" but, say just don't like it. I usually start off with who's your favorite wrestler? half of them including both girls and boys said "Rey Mysterio." I followed up with the question why? They responded with, by the way he looks and how crazy he can be in the wrestling ring by doing all those cool moves. On the other hand, the other children that they said they didn't like wrestling. They said "they don't think it's cool," and they also responded with "It's fake." But, How can it change the lives of kids and improve it.

The answer behind it.

From reading passages, Scientists had claim that young children watching Professional wrestling can have a mood swings and bad behavior in 1/3 children that watch it. From my point that is a joke. I think as a parent that if you are responsible and know there kids behavior towards violence entertainment. Then that's a decision that you make. I have grew up watching it and I enjoy it very much. I really started into getting wrestling when I was about 5 years old. After watching it I never acted any different from what I was. The parents I know that let their children watch Professional Wrestling use it has a privilege and if they do good in school, chores, or something else The children pick their favorite wrestler and they also look up them like a superhero. That can include female or male wrestlers. I notice a lot that during commercials in between breaks that wrestlers get on the microphone and they encourage kids to go case their dream and never to give up. Which that makes a lot of kids feel good that their favorite wrestler has courage in them.

The story with Rey.

Maybe a lot of kids find Professional wrestling fun because it stands out to them. They might like the way they look and their attitude is towards the fans or people in their environment. I think that Maybe kids don’t fine Martials arts fun because it doesn’t interest them. By maybe the way they look and what they do. In Wrestling they entertain their fans by doing their moves or their background skills. People catch on to that and they enjoy it. I think they enjoy because sometimes a MMA fight can be boring and not the best of fun because they are competing to win and the Championship belt. Then, in wrestling they are getting paid to entertain the fans and people all over the world. Once a wrestler get establish in the business people want to know what they're about. Like the way they finish the match or what their wrestling gear looks like. Like for example; there is this wrestler named "Rey Mysterio" Kids loved him and still do to this day. The reason they like him because he stood out by wearing different wrestling gear every event that he went to. One of his iconic symbols was the Wrestling mask he wore. The mask represented his wrestling tradition in Mexico. Also the term "Lucha liberal." Anyways, kids and people found that really cool and the way he accouter every action on film and in real life. His story line was, Rey, was always known as the underdog and a lot of adults did not have faith in him. When he was in the toughest, meanest, battles there were. Yes, plenty of those battle he did not win unfortunately. But, Kids never gave up on him and he would always be there when the time was right. Then, there was a huge lead up to the biggest event in Sports entertainment. That was "WrestleMania!" Yes, it would be the most underrated guy or also the underdog in the event. Versus, the Most overrated guy in Wrestling. That man was named "Triple H." People all over the world wanted to see this event and had to get the Pay-per view. So, the time came and people had their bets on the big guy, Triple H. The match began and about 20 minutes into it. Rey set up his finisher move, also known as "The 619." where he comes through the middle ring rope and hits his opponent in the face with his boot. Triple H, went down and Rey went for the cover(Pin) and the referee goes, 1…2…3. The crowd goes absolutely crazy! Rey Mysterio, the underdog of all underdog wins, the World Wrestling Entertainment Championship. Today, Kids and millions and Millions talk about this and how over accouter everything when people thought he couldn’t do it. He ended with "With Glory of God, I want to thank every single one of you with the accomplishment of my dream to headline "WrestleMania "and become the New WWE champion.

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