Team Rea Rockstars

Celebrating YOUR February!!

Hello Rockstars!

You are receiving this newsletter because I am your Senior Director with Thirty-one and you are part of my Generation 0 (Gen 0), this means, as of now, there is not another Director between you and I in your upline lineage. And even when there is a Director between us, I will always be invested in your success, and you will always be a part of my team!

I am very grateful to be your Director and want you to know that I am always here to support you. Please reach out to me if you would like to schedule a training call, have any questions or would just like to chat about your business. You can contact me by facebook message, email, text or call. I am always happy to support you and your business in any way I can and will get back to you as quickly as possible, and always within 24 hours.

~ Sierra

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Register to attend National Conference!

Registration to attend National Conference is open now through May 31st! This is the biggest party of the YEAR and the best $99 investment you can make. The training is invaluable, the speakers are inspirational and the friendships will last a lifetime.

Need help getting registered? Please let me know!

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The Spring Gift Guide is Here!

Spring Gift Guide fliers, in packs of 25, are now available to purchase on Business Supplies for just $3.50. You can also check out the PDF version for download on TOT and print them yourself.
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It's Almost Time!

It is almost time to register for an April Better Together Event! If you are local to me please save the date!! Allyson Dubenko and I will be hosting Monday April 18th @ 6pm in Rocklin. We want to switch this one up a bit, there will be an opportunity to give back to the community, we will enjoy yummy food and instead of us presenting, we will be doing more of a round table collaborative sharing and learning! It should be lots of fun!

And as always, if you have anyone interested in this awesome business opportunity please bring her with you! Everyone is welcome, but when it comes to kids, we just ask that you only bring nursing babies, so we can focus on learning and growing our businesses without the distractions of your cute kiddos.

More info to come... but SAVE THE DATE!

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Party People!

Terra Brown 4

Allyson Dubenko 4

Elizabeth Welton 3

Tori Hilton 2

Kristen Steele 1

Lorrie Lewis 1

Nadine Mendoza 1

Megan Joy 1

Amy Barberi 1

Top in Personal Volume PV (These team members sold at least $200 in February)

Terra Brown $2,526.00 (Congratulations Terra Top in PV!!)

Allyson Dubenko $2,502.00

Kristen Steele $1,243.00

Lorrie Lewis $1,202.00

Elizabeth Welton $997.00

Tori Hilton $961.00

Nadine Mendoza $213.00

Megan Joy $201.00

Welcome New Consultants!

We are so glad to have you on the team!

Regina Hosier

Sabrina Reed

Kimberley Senecal

Kori Ryan

Nicki Alexander

Happy Thirty-One Anniversary!

Congratulations and thank you for a great year!

Allison Ricks-Payne

Happy Birthday

Many blessing to you this year!

Allison Ricks-Payne

Angela Magario

Dream builders!

These ladies have sponsored at least one new team member in February. Congratulations on building your business!

Tori Hilton 3 (Wow!!)

Terra Brown 1

Nadine Mendoza 1

Allyson Dubenko 1

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Have you ever considered leadership with Thirty-One?

What could building a team do for you or your family?

Do you ever wonder what Directors and above are making selling purses and totes? How this simple business is helping women and impacting their lives and the lives of their families?

These are everyday women just like us, who have a dream, don't give up and keep working. I am sharing these numbers with you not to impress you but to impress upon you what potential is at your fingertips.

This is Allyson Dubenko and she is a Director

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Allyson joined Thirty-One in May of 2014.

Promoted to a Senior Consultant in February 2015

Promoted to a Director in April 2015.

She has earned two Leadership trips and has a thriving team.

Last month as a Director Allyson made $934.00

My name is Sierra Rea and I am a Senior Director

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I joined Thirty-One in July of 2012.

Promoted to a Senior Consultant in December 2012

Promoted to Director in April 2013

Promoted to a Senior Director in 2015.

Last month I made $1,844.00

This is Eileen Mueller she is an Executive Director

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Eileen joined Thirty-One in February 2012

Promoted to Director in July 2012

Senior Director in September 2014

Executive Director in September 2015

Last month Eileen made $4,200.00

This is Jennifer Westerhoff she is a Senior Executive Director

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Jennifer joined Thirty-One in October 2010

Promoted to Director in January 2011

Double Promoted to Executive Director in September 2011

Senior Executive Director in May 2012

Last month Jennifer made $9,000.00!!!

This is Jennifer Pasalakis she is a National Executive Director

This is the highest level of leadership achievable at this time
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...... Stay tuned....You will have to wait until next month to find out what JP takes home in a month!!

It's a dirty trick .. I know!!! (But she happens to be quite busy this weekend and I am too excited to get you this newsletter!!)

Any guesses????

My goal is to inspire you to DREAM BIG!!

The years are flying by, I am seeing promotions all over and on our own team, I am seeing women reaching amazing goals!

Please let me know if you are interested in leadership and would like to work with me on-on-one. I want to help you create the life YOU want to be living! I want you to have financial freedom to enjoy yourself and love what you do. And it's so much easier than you may think! These women are just like you and I... We all start our journey with the same $99 kit!

A few fun numbers!

My PV $3,531.00

Team PV $14,009.00

Lineage PV $26,054.00

My Parties 5

Lineage Parties 43

My Recruits 1

Lineage Recruits 9

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That wraps up our February!

Thank you for taking a moment to enjoy YOUR February Newsletter and Celebrations!!

Please reach out to me! I'm rooting for your success!

916-337-9740 talk/text