Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS - Top Periodontist

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS is one of the top Periodontists in New York. With a first rate education, he has overseen the growth of his practice from the ground floor. In addition to his thriving Dental practice, Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS has been very involved in numerous charity organizations including the Rotary Club of New York, Bridges of Hope Foundation, and Orphans International.

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS Covers Northeastern USA

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS knows that communities are the greatest driving force for change anywhere, and New York Cares works hard to make sure that volunteers are making positive and important changes in the community. Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS urges others to get involved with New York Cares whenever they have the opportunity.

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS is a leading Periodontist is New York. He is Board licensed in 24 Northeastern states and, as a result, knows the entire Northeast part of the United States very well. While he loves living in New York, He encourages newcomers to visit the area and don’t just stay in one place. The Northeast corner of the United States is where the country was founded, and there is much to see. All of it within a short drive or a day trip.

Obviously there are some incredible sights right in the city such as Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, and One World Trade Center (the Freedom Tower). There are also incredible sights throughout the area. The Adirondack Mountains are incredible. Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS, notes that a 4 hour drive to Boston can take you throughout history of the United States. Philadelphia also holds incredible historical value.

The Nation's capitol is a 4 hour train ride away, and there you can spend time walking the Mall and visit all the incredible monuments. From Western New York, it is just a short jump to Toronto Canada. The area has some amazing sights including Niagara Falls. Spend the time to take a gondola across the falls and enjoy some sights that many have called the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Whatever you do while in New York, Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS knows that you will never be bored. Whether you stay in the city or venture out you will see things that boggle the mind and envelop all your senses.

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS: New York Cares

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS cares about New York, and that is why he is such a big fan of the community organization: New York Cares. Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS understands that in a big city like New York it easy for people to fall through the cracks and end up in a tough position. New York Cares attempts to help them by helping the many Non profits in New York.

One of the hardest things for any non-profit to do is find enough volunteers. There is always a shortage. This is not because people do not volunteer, and it is because the need for volunteers is so great that there can never be enough. New York Cares.

attempts to help with the problem by finding volunteers and putting them in place with community groups where they can make a difference.

Founded in 1987, New York Cares is the single largest volunteer organization in New York. They work with community partners, which are community agencies in the New York area. Their volunteers take on projects for the community partners. The volunteer model has worked so well that the “Hands on Network” and related organizations all over the world have adopted its model

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS Supports Toys for tots

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS is committed to his community and spends time throughout the year working as a volunteer in many different ways. One of the ways he works in the community is with the Toys For Tots program in New York. Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS knows the toys for tots program, and he knows the good work it does to bring smiles to children.

Every Year the Toys for Tots program in New York collects toy and distributes them t children who would otherwise spend the holidays without. This is a 65 year tradition in the United States. In 1948, The program went from California to everyUnited States Marine Reserve base in the nation. The program was started when the wife of Marine Reserve Major Bill Hendricks went looking for a charity to donate the doll that his wife had sewn. When he could not find one she told him to start one.

Major Hendricks did so the same year. That first year, 1947, Major Hendricks and some Marine reservists collected 5000 toys and distributed them throughout the Los Angeles area. Since that first doll was donated to toy for tots, more than 470 million toys have been collected and distributed.

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS Knows that it is important to understand the history of toy or tots because it serves as an example of how one person can change the lives of millions. While receiving a toy during the holidays is not going to appreciably change a child's life, it can ease the burden for a day not only for the child but also for the family. As a Periodontist, Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS knows how a smile can bring joy to the all of the people around. A child's smile is an even more rewarding thing to see.