By Gary Paulsen

Hatchet Book review

Imagine living in the wilderness all by yourself. Well, that happened to Brian Robeson. He was on the way to Canada to visit his dad. (his parents are divorced) And the trip didn’t go as planned. On his way there, the pilot dropped dead. He didn’t know how to fly a plane, and it crashed in a lake. Now he was all alone in the wilderness with no food, no water, no nothing….. except for a hatchet. He didn’t think that it would be useful at first, but he found out later that it was his only chance to survive all alone. He killed food with it, he made fire with it, he chopped wood for the fire with it, and he got the Survival Kit with it. But still, he thought he would never get rescued. Then, all of a sudden, a plane/helicopter flew over him!! He was saved!! He was waving his hands all over the place. They didn’t see him, so they just flew away. He just stopped believing that someone was going to save him.

My favorite part was when the plane was going down. I felt bad for Brian, because he couldn’t fly a plane by himself. He did well, though, except for the thought that the plane crashed. The other part that I liked was when he found the survival kit. It took him about 30 minutes to find it in the crashed plane. It was really tough for him because half of the plane was underwater. When he found it, he was filled with joy. All of that hard work was worth it. Also, my other favorite part was when he tasted his first meat. I bet that tasted good. I can imagine not tasting meat for a long time. Brian’s meat was fresh. He cooked it over a fire, and when he tasted it, he was full of delight. No salt, no seasoning, nothing to make it flavored. It would be hard to survive without meat. (well, not really.) It would be hard to survive without food.

If you want to know if Brian gets rescued, read Hatchet!! Find out where and why the plane crashes in Hatchet! This book is full of exciting adventures, twists and turns, action, and more!! It has very little Violence, but it has survival tips. Its very sad, though, too. And a little creepy. If you read Hatchet already, you should read Brian’s Winter. It’s about if Brain never gets rescued and how he spends his winter. Hatchet is a very good book and In my opinion, you should read it. (Brian’s Winter is the sequel to Hatchet) If you ever got stuck in the middle of nowhere all by yourself and you didn’t know what to do, ( which probably never happened to you.) you should read Hatchet. Well, I hope you want to read Hatchet now because I want to read it again for the 2nd time!! See you next time!!

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