How To Eat Healthy

By: Skyler Seidman and Blake Vonz

Nutrition Tips

1. Try Not To Overeat

2. Watch What You Eat

3. Eat Natural Foods

4. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

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Watching What You Eat

A great way to watch what you eat is by keeping a journal. It could be on the internet or in a actual journal. I recently used a Food Tracker that showed me the amount of sodium, protein, oils, and saturated fats i should be consuming. It really made me look at the food I ate and think "Is this good for my body?". By doing this you can now start losing weight, or gaining weight or muscle or just become an overall healthier person.

6 Food Groups

Staying Healthy

Its important that you keep a balance between all of these 6 food groups and that will guarantee you will have a healthy body. Watch what you eat because too much of one can be unhealthy.