T.M. International

Explosion Relief Panels Guarantee A 100% Efficiency and Safety

Explosions can be avoided by keeping the concentration of oxygen or other oxidants in the local below that required for combustion to the temperature and pressure of the process occurs. The most common method of reducing this concentration is purged or blanketed with a little space oxidizing gas.

The risk of fire and explosion of many materials can be avoided during storage and process your suitable inert gas is used. This can be done because most of the combustion of materials does not occur if there is little oxygen in the atmosphere or if its concentration falls below a given limit.

The company T.M. International was formed in 2001 to lead the individual companies T.M.I. explosion protection around the world. This allows the T.M.I. Group providing safety and environmental solutions for industrial harmonized international markets, oil and gas, maritime and mining centers in the NY. T.M. International has years of experience in developing leading technologies in the market for protection against explosions and can manufacture, develop, design and assemble all Industrial Explosion Protection products.

Explosion Relief Panels guarantee a 100% efficiency and safety can reduce space and time optimizing installed vent area. T.M. International designs and manufactures explosion protection and provides services to customers in NY.

The new protection concept provides venting organic dust explosions without flame propagation. T.M. International protects that industrial plant equipment with low mechanical stress and vent surfaces required very large in the most economical and safest way - the flames and heat are absorbed.

We are able to offer all customers a comprehensive and complete service. T.M. International allows operators to position machines and equipment according to process requirements.