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Delve into the darkness! Hallow Eve Power Vinyasa TONIGHT 4:45 pm!

Who needs gouls & ghosts?! Just the word "dark" itself & the many negative associations we've shrouded it with are enough to frighten people silly. Halloween Eve, an ancient celebration of the final harvest & the onset of the darker winter months, is the perfect opportunity for us to turn inward & discover that, once confronted, the darkest parts of ourselves can be the most powerful agents for positive change in our lives! Join me TONIGHT (Halloween Eve!) at 4:45 pm for a deeply introspective & empowering, candle-lit Power Vinyasa class at Yoga Bliss.

*BONUS! We'll sing together the great 15-syllable mantra (Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwari Swaha) of the dark goddess, Kali. By singing her mantra, we remind ourselves that just like Kali, we too can fearlessly face our demons (doubt, worry, anger, judgment, etc.) to gain access to our power & move boldly through the darkness into the light of transformation! JAI MA!

More opportunities to feel & do GOOD!

Cabin Fever Yoga & Kind Health Retreat....Coming Soon!

I'm so very, very excited to be teaming up with certified health coach, Terra Milo, from Kind Health this winter to offer you all an exclusive yoga & health weekend escape to draw you out of hibernation! The weekend retreat will include educational discussions & cooking demonstrations on healthy, enlivening eating as well as, daily yoga, meditation, & chanting to help us emerge from winter as lighter, more whole beings.

Before we finalize lodging & accommodations plans, we'd like to hear from you! Where is your favorite winter reprieve? A serene ski resort? A quiet, cozy cabin in the woods? A swanky, soul replenishing spa? E-mail me the name of your favorite winter escape! If it beats out our chosen location, you'll receive a "finders discount" on the cost of your retreat!

Winter Solstice Celebration Informational Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 10th 2013 at 7:45pm

3045 Smith Road

Fairlawn, OH

The Winter Solstice presents an opportunity for us to leave behind harmful habits & other negative CHIT (mind-stuff) from the past year as we commit ourselves to creating positive change in the year ahead.

During this symbolic 8-day window we will transform our physical bodies & purify our psyches through daily asana (physical yoga practice), meditation, chanting, & a cleansing vegetarian diet firmly routed in an intention of creating peace, harmony, & positive change within ourselves as well as in the world in which we live.

Our 8-day observance aims to clear the subconscious mind, allow for prosperity, success, and happiness to flow freely into your life in the coming year/new age. Renew your connection to your higher Self alongside likeminded, inspired Yoga Bliss community members. Expand your inner light with experiences that will prepare you for 2014, starting with a discussion on the history & symbolism of the Winter Solstice; and a review of the daily plan for our 8-day group & individual observation. Handouts will be distributed with (suggested) daily schedule, new recipes for Solstice Diet, new mantra/chant sheet, meditation guide & journaling sheets.

*Workshop fee is $120 (or $45 for unlimited yoga passholders). Price includes 8 days of unlimited yoga, daily e-mails of encouragement & inspiration, 2 group meetings, 6 group meditations, end of solstice celebration with refreshments, & unlimited support.

Register for the solstice celebration online:

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