Alfred Matthew Yankovic



"Weird Al" Yancovic is famous for making parody's of pop songs at the time period. He started with the song "My bologna" which was recorded in the bathroom. He has 14 albums (first album weird Al Yancovic last mandatory fun). His best song to some people is eat it parody of Michael Jackson beat it. He was in the movie UHF, Voiced dollmaker in the new animated movie batman vs robin in all three naked gun movies, wrote song for spy hard, and in tapeheads.


he started making music videos like eat it and fat. Starred in UHF as George .4 gold and 6 platinum awards for America and 5 gold 2 platinum and 1 double platinum awards from Canada. He was born October 23, 1959 in the Los Angeles suburb Lynwood. His parents choose the accordion for him and then he got really good. So good that he plays it for his polkas. He went to Lynwood High-school and graduated from California polytechnic state-university-San Luis Obispo.

two of his best videos

some things he dresses up as

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