Day 2 - Easter Sunday in Peru

Lots happening today! 4/20/14

Hello Parents!

Gabe: Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me on this amazing. Having an amazing time. I love both of you. Tell Thomas I thought about him too. Can't wait to come home but don't want to leave. Thanks for sending me to Peru. Just had an awesome dinner with steak, farfalle, and chocolate mouse and dulce de leche cookies. Love you. Bye

Will: I have been having soooo much fun, I got a new bag because the zipper broke on my old bag. tell grandma that my camera does not work so she can not get mad a me for having no pics. One of my favorite parts so far was meeting Mr. Lishner's brother and friends.

Isha: I have been having a lot of fun in Peru. I liked meeting Mr. Lishner's family. Since Will bought another bag, we are now Peruvian bag buddies. Todya we flew over to Cusco. It has been really fun here. Today, we visited an Ancient Inca temple. We also saw some baby llamas, and alpacas. It was fun. Oh yeah, for dinner we went to a nice restaurant. I had SPIcy spagHETTI and dulce de leche cookies, and orange mousse. It was REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say hi to everyone for me. BYE! :)

Johanna: Hallo! Peru is really, really fun as I have already told you! On Saturday we went all around Lima and went to the beach and ate lots of great food. We were going to go eat chocolate churros, but we couldn't get it. At dinner, we ate at this place where chickens were kept on the roof and killed/butchered to be served to us. We heard the calls. EW. No, it wasn't real. They were only recordings, but it sounded really real. Today we flew to Cusco and went really slow. We went to temples and cathedrals. We bought some stuff for souvenirs and gifts. We also went to a buffet where I ate tons of Peruvian food and people danced for entertainment. This trip has been really fun! Miss you! See you soon! ADIOS!

Elizabeth: Hello Mom and Dad. I've been having lots of fun! We walked around Lima on Saturday and flew to Cusco this morning. I'm extra tired now from the thin air on the mountain... Also the food here is really good. By the way I'm not taking a lot of pictures; I'll try to take more. Or you can look at Mrs. Gerrans' and Johanna's pictures... The trip is awesome! See you in a week!


Matthew: IM BACK! HI MOM! HI DAD! I got souvenirs! We went on a tour of the churches today, after we landed in Cuzco. AND I HAD INCA KOLA. AND THERE WERE CATS!!!! WOW! SUCH AMAZING! I struggled through a Spanish "Christmas Story". It was INTENSE! and there was an airplane, BUT THE CATS! COLA! SPANISH STORIES! I planned out some cool things for photoshop

David: I am having a really good time. The flight was great. I got a really nice neck lass that isha is jealous of. Today we are in cusco. We went a little slow because we all had altitude sickness. I am having a great time but i miss my family.
See you next time.