2nd Hand News

Welcome Back!

As summer winds down, things are beginning to stir at BFS. I'm looking forward to greeting the 8 new "leaders of Lower School" next week and having a fantastic year!

The first day, September 6th, is a half day with 12 noon dismissal. Parents, please remember that as 2nd graders "go down the stairs" to our classroom, an important part of developing independence is allowing them to make this daily walk with their classmates. Hugs and well wishes are best appreciated at the upstairs door. Please bring a snack on the first day. September 7th is a full day, so please bring a snack and a lunch.

2nd Graders, your job is to know how you are going home from school on the first day. We don't use pockets in 2nd grade so a good way to let me know is to have a note or index card with your name and BUS or CAR (please ask Fran Cagle in the office any questions about bus transportation on the 6th). For Thursday and Friday, please write down BUS, CAR, or AFTER SCHOOL. I will send a dismissal chart home with you every Friday for the following weeks.

Please remember to bring back any books you borrowed over the summer.

Class supply lists are available on the BFS/Parent Portal website. Some items you will need this year:

  • A reusable, labeled lunchbox or bag
  • A hard plastic, standard size pencil box
  • A pocket folder
  • A plastic mug
  • A backpack
  • A complete change of labeled extra clothes in a ziploc bag
  • Slippers or extra sneakers in case of muddy puddles (optional)

I know we will have an exciting year of learning and growing together as the Great Eight. I've enjoyed getting to know this group over the past 2 years and can't wait to welcome a new member. Enjoy the last few precious days of summer!


Mrs. Nyce

P.S. FOR SECOND GRADERS ONLY: Please bring 4 things to share on the first day:

  • A fun fact of your choosing
  • The title of your favorite book and what it is about
  • Where you were for the eclipse
  • A smile