Computer Systems Analyst

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Day to Day activities

These are some of the things you may have to do while you have this job

1. Provide staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems, such as malfunctions and program problems.

2. Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including coordinating the installation of computer programs and systems.

3. Use object-oriented programming languages, as well as client/server applications development processes and multimedia and Internet technology.

4. Confer with clients regarding the nature of the information processing or computation needs a computer program is to address.

5. Coordinate and link the computer systems within an organization to increase compatibility and so information can be shared

6. Consult with management to ensure agreement on system principles.

Advantages of this job

1.ü Computer system analysts are never forced to do evening or weekend shifts.

2.ü There are lots of openings for computer systems analysts. Most of the time you can look in the newspaper and find an open job as a computer systems analyst.

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