Counseling/ Mental Health Services

Jasmine Martinez

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Career Research

I would like to work with Counseling and Mental Health Services. My job is about people who work in counseling and mental health services assist people with family,personal, educational, mental health, and problems.

Their daily tasks are to deal with certain situations.

Life issues that people tend to deal with are

  • relationship difficulties
  • domestic violence
  • sexual abuse
Mental Conditions include

  • eating disorders
  • PTSD
  • Psychosis
You need many skills to succeed in this job and a few are

  • To be able to talk to clients,
  • have verbal skills.
  • active listening
  • Social Perceptiveness
The overall employment rate will increase throughout the year, more jobs will be available. Employment rates increase by about 5,000 every year. An average counselor gets payed about $51,700 a year.These jobs can be found in hospitals, schools, private places, or clinics.

Here are two job reviews from people who are passionate about their careers.

¨If you are considering taking a position in the mental health field if is very important that you be motivated by wanting to make a difference. A lot of times in this field it is hard to see progress or appreciations from your clients so we have to learn to see the small accomplishments and not take personally the challenges that our clients will put us through. This career does not pay well but is extremely rewarding.¨

¨I work as a counselor/manager of a treatment facility for young adults with mental illness. The job is challenging and rewarding all in one. I think that if people are going to go into this field they need to do it because it is something that they are passionate about. They cannot go into it for money, because human services is a low paying field. Also you have to have a strong backbone because a lot of times the clients can get downright nasty. You have to learn not to take things personally and accept that you cannot change people, nor can you help people that do not want to be helped. This job is a lot of fun and has a lot of positive things as well. Essentially you are helping people that may not know how to help themselves. I would still choose this career because it's the only thing I can see myself doing that i would feel rewarded by. I also learned a lot about mental illness by working hands on with mentally ill people. You cannot learn all you need to know just by text books¨

These two people are basically saying that if you want to work in this field you have to be very patient. This job may be challenging sometimes but in the end there is always the positive things added to it. You should also wanna be in this field because you are happy with what you're doing, not because you want the money.

High-school Preparation

Some courses I may take to prepare for this career would probably be Child Development or Medical careers. I think this would help me prepare for my career because it will help me know why adults and kids act a certain way because of the body or why they feel a certain way .

SADD and Pulse are some activities that I would be encouraged to join because they both encourage doing great things. As a counselor you would encourage good things and that's what I want to do .

Some required work experience I could do would be to work a few years in medical training.

A reference I would use would be my school counselor because she is the one who helps me get through high-school. She would know how hard I work and the things I do to achieve my goals in school and work.

Mental Health: What Happens in Counseling?

Post-Secondary Plans

Some colleges or internships I would go to would be Capel, Kaplen, or Liberty. I would go to Kaplen because its in Chicago but I would go to the other two because they all have great paths towards my career.