Objectives in the Classroom

Flipped Faculty Meeting

Let's Get Started- What is an objective?

A learning objective is an outcome statement that captures specifically what knowledge, skills and attitudes learners should be able to exhibit following instruction.

Why are Objectives Important

  • ›Serves to connect content and assessment around learning (What I am learning, why I am learning it and how my teacher and I will know if I got it).
  • ›Guides selection of teaching/learning activities that will best achieve objectives
  • ›Gives learners a clear picture of what to expect and what’s expected of them
  • ›Forms the basis for evaluating teacher, learner, and curriculum effectiveness

What's The Difference?

What makes a Objective Rigorous?

Rigorous Objectives Have 3 Parts

›1) the action - describes what the learner will do or is able to do at the end of instruction, which could not be done prior to instruction

›2) the content - the subject matter you are teaching and that students are learning

›3) the condition – the measurable way each student will show he/she has learned the content

Communicating Objectives-For the Faculty meeting

Come prepared at our next faculty meeting with written responses to the following questions:

1) how do you communicate your objectives to your students?

2) What part do your students play in communicating your objectives?