Tao Garden

Get Physical and Spiritual Well-Being through Health Spas

The feeling of well-being extends well beyond your room or villa. In the heart of the hotel and taking care of you from head to toe, Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is a haven of wellness and relaxation, a place to recharge, relax and find your inner balance. Our famous spa wellness heritage of Thailand through a wide selection of massages and treatments, holistic therapies and rituals handed down from generation to generation.

Choose from different saps and program such as spa packages, Detox Spa, relaxing massages and body massages and Weight Loss Spa in Thailand. Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort has several treatment rooms, separate locations for reflexology and a relaxing outdoor area. Here you can get a real anti-stress therapy that combines pressure and stretching with a complex sequence of movements based on Chi Nei Tsang. Our team is professionally trained, so they are ready to fulfill their mission to contribute to your physical balance and free the body of all tensions.

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is a new concept of spa where tradition, wisdom and fantasy are the true protagonists of each of our treatments. Our traditional health spa is the pinnacle of a philosophy of peace, tranquility and harmony as well as also helps people to lose their weight easily. Here guests can enjoy a traditional Thai massage, Health Spas, Healthy Food and Holistic Spa in Thailand. For reservations and more information on our spa services and programs, visit our web site tao-garden.com.