JaDa Murphy

Nature of Work

Morticians often plan the details of the funeral, embalm the bodies, prepare obituaries, do the cosmetics on the body's, and arrange for pick up when someone has become deceased.

Work Enviroment

Morticians, undertakers, and funeral directors work mostly in funeral homes that have a merchandise display room and, sometimes, a chapel. Some may operate a crematory or cemetery. The mood can be quiet , and the work is stressful, because workers must arrange the various details of a funeral within 24 to 72 hours of death.Also they may be responsible for managing multiple funerals on the same day.

Training Required

You would have to go to school for about 2 years and volunteer or have an internship at a mortuary for about a year. You would also have to have you embalming license which you can achieve by passing the state test.


A Mortuary or someone who owns there own funeral home.


Starting out you would make about 20 dollars an hour which would make your salary 47,000 and once you progress you would make you wages about 25-30 dollars an hour your salary would be about 52-68,000

Related Occupations

Psychologists, social workers, human recourse managers and marketing managers would all be related occupations

Job Outlook

Job outlook for funeral service workers are expected to be good overall. Opportunities should be favorable for those who are licensed as both a funeral director and an embalmer, for those who don't mind to relocating, and being for certified crematory operators.