The Boy on the Porch

Sharon Creech


This story mainly took place in Marta's and Johns house.

Marta and John lived in a two story farmhouse on a dirt road far from thw town,

John had a farm with many animals and large open fields.

Houses out in open land are the best, you have plenty of space to play around and not disturb your neighbors.

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Main Character

Jacob,the main character was found asleep in an old cushion chair at the young couples front porch. His feet were bare and dusty,his clothes fashioned from rough linen.

Nobody knew who he was or where he came from,Marta and John found him with only a note. The young couple decided to keep him while waiting if anybody would come back to pick him up. The boy wouldn't speak he would tap things, and then they figured out that Jacob did not have the ability to speak.

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Other Characters:

Marta,Johns wife is very kind,sweet and caring to others.

John,Marta's husband is caring and worried

Lucey: Jacobs friend,isnt able to talk,sweet

Luceys mom: caring,helpful

Favorite Character

John was favorite character because he doesn't have the ability to speak, yet he is really smart. He looks like a six or seven year old boy who has been left abandon by his parents.

beginning of the story:

Marta and john found a boy curled up in their front porch,they were really surprised to what they had found. They found a letter next to him and the only thing they knew about him was his name Jacob.Whenever Jacob woke up he was scared but didn't speak at all. They didn't know what they would do with him, but they kept him to see if anybody would come back to pick him up like the letter said. Jacob didn't speak to the couple they thought it was because he was to shy. A week later nobody had came to pick up the kid, nobody talked about a missing boy in town.He still hadn't talked to them all he did was tap on things and silent laugh. John took the kid to the store in town one afternoon and while waiting in line there was a girl behind them and Jacob turned around he did what looked like sign language and the girl did the same. That is when they realized he didn't have the ability to speak and maybe he was talking to them by tapping on things.

Middle of the story:

Marta and John tried to ask Jacob some questions but he wouldn't do anything. Jacob learned how to play the violin,how to paint,how to play the drums real quick. They went back to store where they had bought Jacob some clothes and bumped to the little girl and her mom again. The girls mom invited them to come to the park every Saturday and that's what they did every Saturday morning they would go to the park. Lucey ,Jacobs only human friend, loved playing with him. After a while Marta told Luceys mom about how Jacob had gotten to be with them. John went and talked to the sheriff about the boy. He told them that he would do everything he could to find where he had come from. Jacob would draw trees a old looking house, flowers,a truck and Marta thought that maybe he was telling them whee he had came from by painting his dwelling. Marta and John decided they would go and see if they were able to try to find what the boy had drawn. They did this for 3 days on the third day they found a house that looked like the one Jacob had drawn there was a blue truck,dirty clothes on the grown,long big trees just like they boy had drawn. scared John asked him if this was his dwelling the boy nodded saying yes. The boy looked terrified so they left and went back home.

End of the story:

John went to the sheriffs office and told him about what they had seen the day before.Sheriff told him he would investigate. September came and still no clue. While Marta,John and they boy were eating apples one afternoon they heard a man voice "hello,hello". I've came for the boy. I'am his father and i have came for him," said the man. Right then the sheriff pulled in, John told him what was happening the sheriff asked the man for some proofs,paper something that proved to them that he was his father. The man went to his truck pulled out some papers and the sheriff looked. He looked at all four people standing there and said, "there's not a choice, hes his father and can take him" and that's what the man did. Marta took out his tools, and some clothes so Jacob could take with him.Marta and john would send letters to the boy but they would come back with, no such address on them. John went and told the sheriff about that and Marta and John knew they had to find the boy. They went to the address the father had given him but nothing they asked few people they didn't know anything about them. They tried adopting a new kid but it didn't work.

Problem in story:

A boy appeared at a young couples front porch, he didn't have the ability to speak, so they didn't know where he had came from,how old he was,how he got there. They didnt know what they would do with him.

What I learned..

I learned that not all strangers are dangerous some can be nice. We shouldn't judge people until we get to know them well enough.

Theme of this book..

Everyone has the abailty to do more than one thing.

I liked this book because ..

  • Well written
  • Details
  • life lesson