Northumberland ICT & eLearning

Looking ahead to next year.

New Computing Scheme of Work - NCCE

Funded by the DFE, the National Centre for Computing (NCCE) have developed a computing scheme of work for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

When complete, the scheme will include 6 units of work for each year group. Currently around 3/4 of these units are available with the remaining units due to be released shortly.

We have developed a master document which gives an overview of each unit with the addition of our own notes detailing how these lessons and activities can be delivered and enhanced by the resources available to you in School360.

The master document then links to detailed lesson plans and activity sheets.

SLA1 schools can request training and support for any areas covered within the scheme.

Training & Support for SLA1 Schools

The Dfe have issued guidance outlining expectations for the next academic year. Included in this is the requirement for a contingency plan for home learning should any individuals or groups of children need to isolate at home.

‘Where a class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home, we expect schools to have the capacity to offer immediate remote education. Schools are expected to consider how to continue to improve the quality of their existing offer and have a strong contingency plan in place for remote education provision by the end of September. This planning will be particularly important to support a scenario in which the logistical challenges of remote provision are greatest, for example where large numbers of pupils are required to remain at home.’ - Dfe Guidance, Contingency Planning for Outbreaks.

We have already run a number of online training sessions for individuals and staff teams across the county which has worked really well.

We have now scheduled further online training sessions for September to ensure that all teachers can confidently choose and deploy age appropriate School360 resources and stay in touch with their pupils wherever they are.

Digital Leader Academy

We have worked with many schools over recent years running Digital Leader initiatives to develop problem solving and independent thinking in pupils and also foster the use of ICT in school.

This year we are launching the Northumberland Digital Leader Academy and hope to see our experienced Digital Leader schools and those new to the initiative, taking part this coming year!

Schools taking part will be given access to a range of resources which include Digital leader badges to be earned over the year, such as the Online Safety badge and the Creativity badge. Each badge will have suggested tasks included to allow pupils to earn each one.

The Academy also provides access to an online classroom which will allow us to set challenges and provide feedback. It will also allow pupils to show their progress to a wider audience and collaborate with pupils from other schools.

If your school is in SLA1 and would like to be involved, please get in touch!

Contactless Registration - School360

School360 registration is an online registration tool that feeds straight into SIMs and negates the need to pass paper registers between the classroom and the office everyday.

Teachers take the register using a laptop or tablet in their classroom, once this information is submitted your administration team can access and edit the registers by logging into School360 from the office.

Attendance and lunch reports can be generated and future absences can also be added to the system in readiness for the coming term.

If your school has not already adopted School360 registration, contact us to arrange a trial.

EYFS digital observations and learning journal

School360 users have access to the EYFS observation tool. This includes:

  • A teacher app which can be used to create observations, add text, images and attach EYFS statements.
  • Teachers can then log into the School360 platform to review, edit and create new observations.
  • Reports can be generated to enable staff to review pupil progress and easily identify any gaps in observations covering a particular area or group of children.
  • A pupil learning journal can be generated to share with parents.
  • Parents can be added to the system and given a unique login to view selected observations and upload their own.

Get in touch to find out more, or to book your place on the EYFS training session taking place on Thursday 1st October.

New School Year - Administration

This guide can be used to keep your platform up to date with a few housekeeping tasks at the beginning of the school year. Please share with your School360 administrator in school.

School360 Survey

A huge thank you to those who have already completed our short survey. If you haven't done so already please take 2 minutes to complete the following form to help us identify areas for development in the new year.