Web 2.0 Tools

helpful websites

What it is

Web 2.0 is a helpful sight like this one that gives information. Examples of Web 2.0 Tools are smores, Wordle, Prezi, Symbaloo, and Easybib. But those are just a few of them there are many more.


A smore is what this website is. Here you can add texts, photos, videos and more. This is a great sight if you are trying to encourage someone to do something or make a poster of an event.


When you start a wordle you enter in words in the text given to you and then you click create and it will show you your wordle


You can do just about anything on prezi. You can make texts, use color, twist words around, choose a background, add pictures, and much more.


Symbaloo is a useful site where you can instantly go to a frecuantly used site with just a click. To add a site. All you have to do is go to the search bar at the top right corner and type in the site and it is instantly there.


Easybib is for setting up links for your teacher to see what sites you used for a project.