Scientific Revolution

Diana Morales 6th Period

What Was The Change ?

There were many reasons why things changed .From 1550 to 1700 , Europe experienced a scientific revolution when new ideas in physics , astronomy , biology , anatomy , changed the way Europeans viewed the world . Most people began to question their own beliefs . they changed their way of thinking, from then on people started thinking that humans could do and accomplish anything with no hard work added .

Who Were The People Associated With The Change ?

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time ?

The Scientific Revolution ushered in a new way of thinking . Europeans discovered more things that surrounded them . And the things they could do with their new tools .Europeans were also able to unlock the secrets of the nature, as well as the very universe itself. All this ever caused was for people to change their way of thinking and notice how things in this world actually worked . This was a good thing but at the time it wasn't because every one was questioned .

How Is That Change Evidenced In Today's Modern Society ?

This change is evidence in today's history . why is it evidence ? Well because this was a big impact . The Scientific Revolution changed the thinking not only that but it changed the world . This caused many discoveries that were a big change . Galileo , Isaac , & Johannes didn't only state theories but also proved to be correct . All those "theories " is what is still used today . For example Johannes said that the sun was the center of the solar system , we don't see it but we go with the theory because it was proven to be true.