Monday Message

Week of May 9th - May 13th

Happy STAAR week STARS! I hope all our STAR mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend! Here is a look at the week ahead:

Monday, May 9th:

3rd & 4th Grade will be taking the Math STAAR today. We also will have some 5th graders re-testing. Students will be testing in small groups throughout the building so please keep this in mind as your classes move through the building today. We've got this STARS!

Tuesday, May 10th:

3rd & 4th Grade will be taking the Reading STAAR today. Again, there will be 5th graders re-testing and students testing in small groups throughout the building. Please be mindful of this as your students move through the hallways today. We're almost there!

Wednesday, May 11th:

5th grade will be taking the Science STAAR today. Keep up the great job of having your kiddos move quietly through the hallways.

Today is also Nurse's Day. Don't forget to let Nurse Mary know how much we appreciate her and all she does for us!

Thursday, May 12th:

10:30 Meeting with PTA - Traci & Kelly

1:10 ARD

Friday, May 13th:

7:50 Friday Assembly

8:30 Come & Eat It - 3rd Grade will be participating in this collaborative event with Independence Gardens this morning in the cafeteria. Each 3rd grade student will be making a healthy snack called "Shaken Not Stirred Mashed Berry Porridge." 3rd Grade will be switching Fine Arts time with 1st Grade today.

8:35 ARD

12:20 ARD

2:00 BoosterThon Meeting - Traci & Kelly

7:30 PTA Movie Night

Last, please feel free to wear jeans and an OSE shirt Monday-Wednesday, as we muddle through these last days of STAAR. That's all I've got! If I have left something out, please let me know and I will pass it along! Have a magnificent Monday!


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