College & Career News

August 19, 2020: Issue #1

Welcome to the 2021 School Year

The Counseling Department staff welcomes you to what we expect to be a great experience this school year.

James Rhea - A-G

Jessica Kalathas - H-O

Laurel Kasmai - P-Z

Tonya Hughes- Academic Support

Dedra Muhammad -College and Career

Stacy Palmer - Counseling Receptionist

Cynthia Fiorucci -Registrar

Scott McMickin -Assistant Principal

Getting Started with College and Career

1. College and Career Google Classroom (CCGC): All seniors and juniors are required to join the CCGC. Students can then invite their parents/guardians to receive a weekly digest. Students should use their legal names.

Join a class with a class code:

a. Go to

b. Identify the "+" sign and click it.

c.Type in the class code

  • Senior Class Code: me5rrxi
  • Junior Class Code: bmvfa46
  • Sophomore Class Code: a6w6n4b

2. Letters of Recommendation: Ms. Muhammad writes all senior letters; she completes all collegiate related forms such as with Common App, Coalition App, etc. Use the attached link to request assistance. When seniors are asked to enter their counselor's name and email address for collegiate purposes, they should enter "Dedra Muhammad:"

For other needs, they can contact their grade level counselor.

3. Scholarships: Stay tuned for updated scholarship information.

4. Transcripts: Questions concerning transcripts should be directed to the registrar.

News You Can Use

Until We Meet Again

If you are still reading, it means you care :) and we are going to have a productive year! The main purpose of this first newsletter is to establish communication. Therefore, the number one takeaway is to make sure you are signed up for the CCGC. College and Career announcements will appear there, first. I am looking forward to meeting everyone as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, please stay safe.