Bearded Dragons

Written By Claire Zeutzius

About The Book

Snakes? Dragons? Frogs? This is a type of lizard called a “Bearded Dragon.” Do you know what they look like or any other questions about this fun reptile? If you read this book you will search into the deepest places of what they are. They are lizards that are very friendly. Don’t be scared of these harmless creatures. They do bite occasionally, but it doesn’t hurt because they have dull teeth. “What was that? You want to read and learn more about these fascinating creatures?” Then read this book and find out what they look like, if they are good house pets, and plenty of other questions for you to discover. These amazing lizards can be found at your nearest pet store or shop. They may also be found on different websites online. Don’t bite away without reading this book to find out about these fascinating creatures.

I hope you spike in to read this book