Trip to Municipal Court

Recently a few Freshman classes from Coppell High School visited the Coppell Municipal Court. They learned about the Teen Court Program and the 'Teens in the Drivers Seat' program. They were introduced to one of the Coppell assistant Judges.

They were introduced by a 10 year police officer. He explained the duties of a cop and that most of his job is extremely important paper work that could be the difference between life or death. We also met, the Juvenile Court Manager. They provide service and run the Teen Court Program as well.

They work with teenagers age 10-15. They visited the offices of all the employees and learned about how each jobs contributes to making sure things run smoothly. Drugs and misdemeanor charges go to the district attorneys office. The Juvenile court manager said "The youngest age is 10 years old and an adult is 17"
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Punishment is a fine on a usual classic mis demeanor. Cannot press charges on speed or open container of alcohol. Judges the see the person, uses Carrollton jail. FaceTime jail people to tell them about their options. Marshall's call order to the court and arrest people anywhere. Judges use Dock it's that are put together by clerks and hear what comes before court. Prosecutor provides evidence.

Favorite part

I liked hearing the police officer talk because he was telling the truth. Honestly telling us that most of his job was essays was an eye opener. I mean we all knew about the fun part but not the boring part. So he was my favorite.