My High School Memories

Brett Murawski

The Basement

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Hanging out

snapping pics

sending to the chicks

This is where we spend our time

during the summer

on the couch

among friends

The struggle of finals

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studying builds knowledge

so we can get into college

reading is bad

because it makes me sad

writing non stop

to make it to the top

crying through the pain

it hurts my brain

Serious seniors

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Two serious seniors, Owen and Brett, emerge as rulers

about to graduate

among our peers

through the school

beside each other

since freshman year

Lake Owen

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When we were at Lake Owen

the fun never ended

to put the ski boots on

to jump into the lake

to get pulled out of the water

to be towed behind the boat

Water skiing at lake Owen was the fun that should have never ended

Trying to do this project

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Trying to create phrases

to move on the the next phases

staring at the screen

trying to make the poem clean

the struggle never ends

lets hope we can remain friends