How can we increase the worlds access to clean water

How does a history of instability affect a county's development

How instabilty affect a country's development because they know the right from the wrong choices to pick from their learnings in their history. More than half of the population lived on 1.25 a day. They revolt 500,000 slaves and started being succesful. They had dictators and their was a lack in investment.

Is their enough water for everyone?

Their is 900,00 people that don't have access to clean water and by 2025 their is going to be 3 billion that don't have that access. People drinking unclean water die of dieases like, hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, and parasites. The world is 70% water and we can only drink 3% of water and most of it is stuck in glaciers, so that leaves us with 1% of water we can drink. We could remove salt from water but that cost a lot of money and most country's can't afford to do that. In africa 300,000 people died of unclean water and 2.7 million are displaced. Water well are naturally 20-600 feet, that's a lot digging for not even clean water. In some areas they can be 3,000 feet deep. Cutting trees affect the water supply because it burns charcoal and that affects the rain supply.

Water use around the world

Thursday, May 11th 2000 at 3pm

Africa, United States, Asia

In africa they only have 27% of the population has access to clean water and the walk is naturally 2-3 hours away from where they are. By 3pm there already on their second trip to get some water. This prevents younger age groups to have less social life with their friends. In the United states one gallon of water is 2 cents and tap water is inexpensive. The Average american uses 150 gallons of water per day, water is also all over the USA. That's a lot of water we waste we could be giving it to people who need it. In Asia they have a lack in water because of all the factories get hot and it dosen't rain when it's too hot. If they do get water it's naturally populated from how the air is their.