Zane and the Hurricane

Rodman Philbrick's tale of 4 friends and Hurricane Katrina


I think that you should read the book if you are 7 or older. It is on the 2015 - 2016 Bluebonnet list so if you are reading the books on that list I really recomend it. (Also if you don't want to know what happens in the first few chapters don't read the next paragraph and don't watch the trailer).

A Boy, a Dog, a Ruined Visit, and a Hurricane

Zane Dupree a boy from New Hampshire takes a trip to New Orleans with his mom and his dog Bandit to visit Mrs. Trissy. But when Hurricane Katrina starts heading their way and Zane and Bandit can't escape they find themselves on the roof of Mrs. Trissy's house and the rest of the city flooded with smelly water. They are then found by a man and a girl in a canoe. After that the four friends seek out safety together. Their adventures are an exciting montage of hope, despair, a few close calls, villains, and horrible smells all within the book Zane and Hurricane!

Zane and the Hurricane Book Trailer
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If you enjoy stories with adventure and suspense you will enjoy Zane and the Hurricane. It is an exciting book that is full of times when the story could end, loss of good things, a journey, and thrills or unexpected twists at every turn. I rate it 9 out of ten stars!


This flyer was made by Calvin Auby.

The book trailer was originally posted on Youtube by Texas Bluebonnet Award.