Mrs. Stump's First Grade Fun

Learning to live, love, and grow

What are we learning?

The students are working on establishing routines, following directions, and where to put their belongings. We are starting to work together and synergize whenever it's time to go to a specials class. Ask your child what it means to synergize!

During reading, we are meeting in our small, guided reading groups. We worked very hard to increase our reading stamina and can read quietly as a class for 15 minutes! Other reading activities include read to self, read with someone, listen to reading, and word work.

Students were given their new sorts this week and are practicing sorting a different way each day.

We've begun writing our small moment stories in writer's workshop. Favorite topics include loosing a tooth and writing about a time we were sick! Thinking of new topics is still tricky for us, so we are sharing stories and ideas with our writing partners!

We are studying the 7 Habits in social studies. During this time we are reading the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and learning ways in which to follow the habits at home and school. Please click back on my home page to learn more about each habit.

For our social emotional studies, we use a program called Second Step. We are exploring the skills we need for listening and learning. On occasion, homework from this program will be sent home to reinforce learning.

In handwriting we are practicing "frog jump" capitals and "magic c" lowercase letters. We love the song, "Where do you start your letters?" Please ask your child for the answer!

Measurement is our focus in math and we are learning the new vocabulary words of compare, measure, and unit. We are measuring with non standard units including tiles, paper clips, string, and unifex cubes.

Upcoming Events:

Picture Day - September 14

PTC Ice Cream Social - September 14