Painting a Room

Problem: Theres a room in my house that needs to be painted

What you need

Tape, Drop Cloth, Paint tray, Paint roller, ladder an small brushes

Paint sheen options

Flat, Matte, Eggshell Enamel, SatinEnamel, Semi-Gloss Enamel and Hi-Gloss Enamel. Each has its own benefits.

What color to use for each room in your house

Bedroom- Earthy tones or colors that match your furniture

Guest room-Greys and browns

Living room- browns and greys is what you typically see in living rooms lately

Kitchen- Earthy tones blues greens browns etc.

Bathroom-You see yellows and blues a lot in bathrooms

The room that is my problem is a guest bedroom and if we where to paint it we would probably go with grey

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Ammount of paint.

The Guest room is about 12 by 10 so I would need about a gallon and a half of paint