Erin Jade Lange

The story of an overweight teenager

"Popularity has an expiration date."

After Butter threatens to kill himself live through the internet, he becomes instantly popular. People start to talk to him at school and the popular group of kids accept him into their group. Although, Butter has to stick with the plan of killing himself or else everyone will shun him at school.

Butter's Self-Pity

"...I allowed myself a new beat of self-pity. A: parents who give up on you. B-flat: people who stare at you but don't really see you. D: doctors who fail to fix you. C-sharp: kids who would rather watch you eat than hear what you have to say" (Lange 65).

Conflict: Man vs. Self

Butter can't handle himself anymore so he wants to eat himself to death live on the internet. He can't get himself to exercise or lose weight so he doesn't want to live in his "fat suit" anymore.
Butter by Erin Jade Lange Book Trailer

CONFLICT: Man vs. Man

Butter Vs. Anna: Butter makes a fake identity on the internet in order to talk to Anna. It is only a matter of time before she finds out.

Butter Vs. Parents: Butter doesn't get along with his dad because his dad stopped talking to him after he became so fat. Also, his mother overfeeds him to compensate for love.

Butter Vs. Professor: The professor constantly asks Butter to join the band but Butter refuses. After Butter starts to have friends, he starts to be mean to the other kids and the professor is disappointed.

Butter Vs. Jeremy: Butter kicked Jeremy out of his group of friends because Butter threatens to kill himself. All of Jeremy's friends are on board and want to see it while Jeremy is disgusted and is shunned by his friends.

conflict: Man vs. Society

Butter cannot relate because he is so big. Everyone judges him based on his looks and don't want anything to do with him. He is invisible.