Newsletter 9/19

Mrs. Alaytsev and Mr. Hancock

Language Arts:

We will finish drafting our expository about a place we are looking forward to going as a class, revise and edit the piece, and finally publish the piece using our best handwriting. We will be introduced to Compound Sentences and practice identifying conjunctions (FANBOYS) and using them correctly. Finally, we will review the difference between Common and Proper Nouns.


We will practice analyzing characters and focus on feelings based on actions and reactions. We will read the story “Cheyenne Again” and analyze the main character. We will continue are fiction novel study Because of Winn Dixie and practice our Notice and Notes throughout.

Please encourage your child to show their work on their reading homework each night.

*Reminder* If your child makes below a 70 on a quiz or assignment, they have the opportunity to redo the assignment and have the two scores averaged for a better grade. However, it is your child’s responsibility to come in during lunch to redo a quiz or assignment.


In Math, we are in are Multiplication Unit. Your child is learning the four ways to multiply: expanded form, partial products, area model, and algorithm.


In Science,we are continuing our Earth and Space Unit studying slow and fast land changes. Topics include weathering, erosion, and causes such as volcanoes, flooding, tsunamis, tornadoes, wildfires, etc.

Important Information

  • Progress Reports were sent home for those students who were failing (below 70). If you would like electronic access to your child's grades and attendance, please sign up for Focus using the following link:

  • Please remember that your child can bring their own snack.

A Note from our P.E. teachers:

This year all the elementary schools in RISD have been invited to participate in Cycle Kids, a home extension program to promote exercise and healthy living for RISD students and their families outside of school. Students who want to participate will log the miles they bike throughout the year, with the goal being 100 miles by May 3rd. Upon completion of the log, the student will receive a 100 charm, a bike charm, and be entered into a drawing to win a FREE bike and other bike gear!

Attached to the email are the handouts you need for this program.