by Brandon Castro

Satisfying outcomes of being Capitalism

Those who own businesses earn more income than those who work for a business . However, those who work for the businesses get rewarded for their hard work and loyalty to the company .

Elements about Capitilism

Who is en charge ?

Individuals / business workers

How do people get paid ?

People get paid by either owning a business or working for one

How do they buy and sell the things that they need ?

You are able to buy and sell items without having government in your face , and you are free to purchase anything you want for example you are not forced to go to 1 place .

What is Capitalism?


Pros : Private ownership , freedom to do business for individuals , competition is fair , political freedom , supply and demand .

Cons : Abuse of the system , mega companies can take over , money is there but many have less than a few .


You get to own your own companies and also able to hire employees . You are able to choose what you want and you are not forced to do something specific everyday . Also the amount of money you make will come depending in the amount of level your job is . So if you have a good job expect to get paid well .